2 Medical-Grade Knee Compression Sleeves for Knee Pain Relief
(39 Reviews)
Better support, greater alignment and reduced inflammation. 
Approved by Doctor of Physical Therapy
Supports Greater Independence
Designed for People Over 50
Get faster pain relief, better joint support & improved knee protection with Feel Good Life's medical-grade knee compression sleeves!
Reduces joint pain caused by swelling & inflammation
Protects & supports knee stability & alignment
Accelerates knee recovery & healing
Millions of people over 50 years of age visit physical therapists and doctors, yet still have crippling, agonizing knee pain every single day...
Introducing, the Feel Good Life Knee Compression Sleeve - the world’s leading knee compression sleeve for pain treatment designed for people over 50…
With its one-of-a-kind “360 Knee Protection & Comfort Technology”, it’s engineered to protect and relieve your knees from joint pain - without injections, doctors or surgery.
These gentle, safe, and well-fitting compression sleeves will draw healthy blood to your painful knees to wash away inflammation. All the while, it gives your knees the proper support for better joint protection and reduction of daily wear and tear. The combination of support and reduced inflammation gives the nerves in your knees relief from pressure, throbbing, and pain.
Two Knee Compression Sleeves are Provided To Help Alleviate Symptoms Associated With...
Chronic Joint Pain
Patellar Tendonitis
Nagging Knee Injuries
Stiff Or Sore Muscles & Joints
Other Common Chronic Knee Pain Conditions
The Feel Good Life Knee Compression Sleeves help those suffering from acute or chronic knee injuries or conditions.
Optimal compression grade to reduce joint inflammation & pain
DOUBLE silicone anti-slip wave to provide the best grip and create a warm therapeutic compression 
Ultra-lightweight: professional-grade material (nylon & lycra blend). Designed for all-day comfort, flexibility, and ultra-durability.
Feel Good Life Medical-Grade Knee Compression Sleeves are easy to clean. Wash warm or cold, tumble dry low. Do not bleach, iron, or dry clean.
Measure the circumference of your thigh five inches above your kneecap. If your measurement falls between sizes, choose the smaller size. (Package contains two sleeves). 
  • Order Today & Receive a Bonus Gift: How To Use Your Medical-Grade Knee Compression Sleeves (Digital Download)
    Learn how to use your knee sleeves for deep joint healing and knee rejuvenation
    Includes a 4-minute follow-along knee workout routine for strength, mobility, and recovery!
Sizing Guide to Give You The Perfect Fit
Small - 11.5''-13.5'' (29.2-34.2 cm)
Medium - 13.6''-16.5'' (34.5-41.9 cm)
Large - 16.6''-19.5'' (42.5-49.5 cm)
X-Large - 19.6''-23.5'' (49.6-59.6 cm)
XX-Large - 23.6''-27.5'' (59.7-69.8 cm)
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Customer Reviews
Diane L.
Age: 69

Perfect for my knees in everyway!

They fit perfectly no rolling up or down. Price for two knee sleeves of the quality is fantastic. Just the right amount of pressure to help my knees stay stable.

Rheta S.
Age: 71

They are good

They are comfortable. They help to reduce pain and swelling. They hand wash well and dry with in a day.

Age: 66


These are the best! They don’t slide down👏👏

Marcel L.
Age: 80

Worked just like it was supposed to. Great support without being cumbersome. Ordered two and my wife stole one and loves it.

Very happy 

Age: 65

Better Than Expected

I have used many braces and these are by far the most comfortable and stay in place better than any other that I have had. Because the price was so reasonable, I really wasn't expecting much, but have to say I was pleasantly surprised with the quality. I was right on the line between large and XL. I'm glad I went with the XLs and also glad I bought 2 pairs. I would definitely recommend them and I would buy them again.

Ross P.
Age: 69

Just what I needed now!

These were as advertised and they fit, per the size chart, so I have been very pleased with them, for the price. I have bone on bone in both knees from too much distance running and wear knee braces on both knees when I play competitive coed volleyball, competitive coed tennis, and golf, and now I wear these under the knee braces which makes them fit better and feel better!

Theodore P. 
Age: 65

High Quality Product

This purchase was my first experience with Knee Compression Sleeves. I felt confident buying from Feel Good Life. The price seems very reasonable and the quality of the product is excellent. The knee compression sleeves are comfortable to wear and my knees and legs feel much better at the end of the day.

Jeffrey B. 
Age: 70


I ordered the small knee compression sleeves and the pair fit really well. I am not a large person and I figure the medium would have been too loose. The sleeves fit snug, but not too tight that they are uncomfortable! Highly recommend.

Linda S. 
Age: 61

Not a miracle cure but helpful

They fit better than any other knee sleeve I've tried. My ankles don't swell or they don't fall off etc. They seem to help some but I still have pain. I feel like I have a measure of security when wearing them.

Pam P. 
Age: 77


I like my knee sleeve very much when I wear it. Not put on every day but when my knee pain is starting to bother me I slip it on. It’s tight on my leg so I don’t walk as fast or my leg is stiff and harder to bend. It does help with the pain. Thanks.

Sharon H. 
Age: 74

Most comfortable compression sleeves

The sleeves fit my legs snuggly, something I haven't found in other products. I bought them as I am a hiker. Haven't had the opportunity to try them out on the trail, but they promise to give me the extra support.

Rebecca M. 
Age: 72

Hug Your Knees!

I was a little confused about which was the front and which was the back, but I remembered there was a YouTube video on it. After viewing the video, I was all set. I wore both on my knees two days after wearing just one on my problem knee. My knee felt really good after a day in the sleeve, and both knees benefitted from their hugs within the sleeves. I am very satisfied with the construction of the compression sleeves and the fit is fine for the L size. The sleeves are comfortable to wear and give a little more confidence when walking (stability).

Jimalee M. 
Age: 69

Knee Compression Sleeves

Very comfortable ! Gave support without being too tight. Allowed flexibility with movement, but still supported the knee area, which diminished pain. Very happy with this product !

Velma J. 
Age: 67

Hug Your Knees!

Highly recommended. Love the feel but, i should have ordered a larger size because my knee toward thigh area is pretty swollen. A larger size would be much more comfortable. The material and feel is great.

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